SACM professor Alexander Ageev with a lecture on digital transformation (DBA CEO / CDO course)
Digital technology and
Digital transformation management
Alexander Ivanovich Ageev, Russia Doctor of Economics, professor. The author of more than 600 scientific, journalistic and literary works, of which 28 are monographs in Russian, English, German, Chinese and other languages. Director General of the Institute of Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INES) and the International Research Institute of Management Problems (MNIIPU). Doctor of Economics, Professor, Singapore Academy of Corporate Management, MGIMO, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov. Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, AVN and a number of other scientific communities. SACM DBA tutor Digital Management and Digital Transformation, Singapore, Global Silk Road School tutor, China.
SACM professor Arkady Nedel in dialogue with expert Sergey Moskalev on conflict management
Crimes, gender, power structures
and ethnic groups

Arkady Nedel, philosopher, writer. PhD - Paris, Sorbonne. Main research interests: European philosophy, comparative philosophy (East-West), philosophy of language, political philosophy, theory of art. Visiting professor at the University of Ká Foscari (Venice), collaborates with IFRAN (Moscow). Professor of the PhD program "Sociology, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Philosophy" of the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management. Polyglot. He writes books and articles in five languages ​​(Russian, English, French, German, Italian). The author of numerous publications in Russian, English and French. Articles on relevant topics of philosophy and culture were published in the journals: “Questions of Philosophy”, “Man”, “Art Journal”, “New Knowledge”.