The Singapore Academy of Corporate Management and the Institute of Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences invited members and partners of the Vneshtorgclub, as well as doctoral students and applicants for the DBA degree, to the Lecture-Seminar "Management of Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation", which took place on Saturday, February 15, 2020, at 15:00 , in the Moscow Digital Living Room of the Digital Russia channel on Sretensky Boulevard.
The Vneshtorgclub continues the tradition of holding international educational seminars for a wide range of Russian specialists. Today, our region is Singapore and innovative technological practices aimed at improving the quality of life.
The seminar lecture was conducted by Mr. Gevorg Malashenko, an expert at the technological laboratory of the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management, Tutor of the DBA Chief Digital and Executive Officer in Eastern Europe The language of the lecture seminar is Russian.
The audience has learned about the practices of digital transformation in the world, will get an idea about new models of project management systems in the digital era. We talked about how to navigate the new reality, how to create strategic landscapes for the development of the company and identify key points of digital growth.
Taking part in the event, guests had the opportunity to consult on issues of interest regarding the digital transformation of your company. The Q & A session was held in the format of sprint consulting.
Target audience of the event: Managers responsible for the organization and development of digital business areas and digital transformation; Heads of digital product and product line development departments; Owners and directors of small, medium and large enterprises of the digital economy; Heads of departments of public administration organizations and non-profit organizations.
If you are interested, you can enter and study at the DBA program “Manager of Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation” of the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management under a grant program of the European Union. The event was attended by representatives of the academy.
The partners of the event were Vneshtorgclub, the National Association of Managers and Directors of Digital Technology and Digital Transformation Managers, the International Research Institute for Management Problems / Eurasia Leaders 2020, Digital Russia Innovation Channel.
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Координатор мероприятия: Дмитрий Орлов
Контактный телефон: +7 (495) 741 80 98

Дата, время мероприятия:
15 февраля 2020 года, 15:00 – 16:30
Сбор гостей с 14:45
Место проведения мероприятия:
Сретенский бульвар, дом 6, строение 1
Первый подъезд, второй этаж, офис 4,
ИНЭС (Институт экономических стратегий РАН)
Московская Цифровая Гостиная канала Digital Russia